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News: Feb. 20-26, 2003.
> Pennsylvania Landfill Will Briefly Take Sludge Overflow The Pioneer
> Landfill in Exeter, Pa. will be permitted to accept more sludge, on a
> temporary basis. The decision came after Exeter officials learned that the
> company's sludge composting facility, A & M Composting in Lancaster, had
> 6-acre building collapse from heavy snow last week. The building was
> processing 40,000 cubic feet of sludge, which now must be moved. J.P.
> Mascaro and Sons in Harleysville, the company that owns the landfill and
> composting facility, proposed Pioneer Crossing be one of four landfills
> taking the sludge. Mascaro officials said the removal would cost the
> $12.5 million because the sludge has to be moved before insurance claims
> be processed. More information:
> <>.

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